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Withers Tool, Die and Manufacturing specializes in large CNC machining work. Through the years, when new equipment is purchased, the largest, most durable and advanced technological pieces of equipment have always been chosen. Our equipment sets Withers Tool, Die and Manufacturing apart from most shops with the size and numerous types of equipment all in one location. With over 85 years of operation, Withers Tool, Die and Manufacturing is a leader in the machine work industry in the southeast and beyond.

Horizontal Boring Mill Work Horizontal Boring Mills were developed to perform a number of applications in one setup instead of using several different machines. Operations that can be performed on a horizontal boring mill include, drilling, milling, tapping, reaming, shaping and contouring.

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Vertical Machine Center Work Vertical Machining Centers have the spindle in the vertical position. These machines work well in applications where flat or long parts can be placed on the machine table. They are suited for higher production work where parts can easily be changed out when machining is complete.

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Lathe Work Lathes: Withers Tool, Die and Manufacturing has (3) CNC and (10) manual lathes. The largest CNC lathe can swing a part up to 60" in diameter and 235" in length. Our longest manual lathe can turn parts as long as 287". Our larger lathes can handle parts weighing several thousand pounds.

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Vertical Boring Mill Vertical Boring Mills are mainly used for turning, facing or boring large cylindrical workpieces. The machine works much like a horizontal lathe stood on one end. Applications include: machining turbine casings, ring gear blanks, locomotive tires, water turbine runners, flanges for large pipe and machine tool tables.

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Blanchard Grinding Blanchard Grinding, technically referred to as Rotary Surface Grinding, quickly removes stock from one side of a part. Ideal for large parts such as rotary tables, side plates, and vacuum chambers, Blanchard Grinding adds size versatility, eliminates mismatches, and speeds turnaround time on large parts.

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Surface Grinding Surface Grinding uses a magnetic chuck and an abrasive wheel to remove material. Surface grinding can produce a much smoother surface that is flatter and more parallel than Blanchard Grinding. It permits very accurate tolerances of less than 0.001", and allows for very smooth surface finishes up to 16 microinch RMS.

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Welding and Fabrication Welding and Fabrication: Withers can manufacture many types of fabricated parts (up to 20,000 lbs) from various materials including A36 HR steel and 304 SS. Burned plates are welded to structural pieces for mounting locations of other weldments or parts such as cylinders, brackets or bearings.

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Open Side Planer Mill Planer Mills are machine tools with two methods of removing stock from workpieces. The planer head holds a single point tool in a fixed position and the workpiece moves beneath the tool removing stock. The planer mill is well suited for long straight cuts or when cuts of varying angles are required.

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Repair Work Other Services:

  • Straightening press
  • Wheel press
  • Key Seater
  • Roll Grinder
  • Inspection
  • Repair Work
  • Machine Assembly